Anderson cooper is dating a latino updating 2nd gen nano error

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in September, gossip about his sexual orientation has gone into overdrive.Kenneth in the 212 reports Muir is allegedly “openly gay in his day-to-day life.” Another juicy rumor claims that he and field reporter Gio Benitez are an item. Eagle-eyed viewers claim that Gio usually files his reports to Diane Sawyer from the field.

And according to creators of the recent documentary, she represents warmth and heroism.This past Saturday, August 14, was declared national Dora the Explorer day in cities such as Austin, Texas, Hialeah, Fla., Boston, Milwaukee and even in my California hometown, Salinas, which is hosting a Dora Birthday party at the El Gabilan Library where I spent my childhood summers devouring books.Sunday night was the world-premiere of on Nickelodeon, followed by a short documentary/interview with Dora and such Latina celebrities as Salma Hayek, Shakira and Rosie Perez. With the passing of SB 1070 in Arizona in April and the copycat laws that are cropping up in other states, one must ask about the disjuncture between embracing Dora as a Latina and rejecting other Latino/as as “illegal.” It’s not hard to understand Dora’s appeal as a character and as a symbol.But sometimes the call comes from someone doing a podcast.” He was going to be cautious until he heard more. “Anderson arrived either late Friday or early Saturday. Just what you’d expect from a '60 Minutes' reporter."Six Indiana University South Bend alumni were recently honored at an Alumni of the Year lunch.Within a few days in early April, a large crew and two vans full of equipment from “60 Minutes” appeared. There were two days of interviews” with the Beristain family and friends. The honorees and schools were: William Horton, social work; Susan Jacobs, Schurz Library; Shelly Lesher, liberal arts and sciences; Talandra Neff, education; Loretta Schmidt, nursing; and Alan Steele, business.

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