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The owners have donated the installation of two cameras for us to watch this active eagle nest (closeup); one in the tree near the nest, and one in an adjacent tree overlooking the nest tree (wide angle) with a view of the bay in the background.This nest was built in November of 2009 after the pair's original nest, 500 yards north of this site, was disturbed by construction.

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When this company was hiring back in February, some people were talking about it at the Work Place Like Home forum.

To help you find the perfect cam to keep an eye on your pet, we’ve researched dozens of pet cameras and chosen eight that offer distinct advantages over their competitors.

Crowdfunded on Indiegogo, the Petzi Treat Cam is a Wi-Fi connected pet camera and remote treat dispenser.

She had me tease the front and pin it, then create a French braid down the middle of my head before going back and using a hairpin to pull sections out to make it puff up a bit down the back of my head. Overall, I found the whole thing really fun and helpful, and I'd be really into it the next time I have to create an updo for a weekend wedding in the middle of nowhere.—Having as many products on hand as possible can be helpful, but the artists are very creative in a pinch.

When I didn't have texturizing spray on hand, mine improvised by having me mist my hair with hairspray before teasing it.—Though it's great if you have sometime specific in mind, you really don't have to come with ideas.

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