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The numbers printed on appointment letters are not working but may sound constantly engaged or people may appear to be held in a queue.Switchboard operators are extremely busy at the moment due to the pressure on the system, and callers may have to wait to get through, for which the Trust also apologises.

Bit did get one for 20wk scan shortly after made my 12 wk appoint so worth asking if you haven't recieved one of those. One minute filled with excitement and the next terrified! I called them this morning and they confirmed you don't get a letter for 12 but you do for 20.Patient Relations Team : If you have an issue or query that you would like us to help you resolve, our Patient Relations Team may be able to help.It is estimated that around 3 million people in the UK have osteoporosis.If you have a pre-existing medical condition, or if you develop a complication during your pregnancy, you may need more regular check-ups than those listed here.Your first antenatal visit is known as your booking appointment.

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