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// you need a replacement for the Seroquel as what it is treating will return otherwise.

Secondly even in transfering to another medication you will get some withdrawal symptoms as I did in the past when transfering from Seroquel to Risperdal which were fatigue and minor flu like withdrawal symptoms which pased in time and were not a problem.

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My doctor is now suggesting we drop the lithium all together, and switch to depakote. There is also an FDA "black-box warning" about combining it with drugs used to treat seizures, like Lamictal, which I also take. I was put on it to add to the seroquel i was already taking.

I didnt get any bad side effects from it but it did not seem to help either.

I think one has to try hard to struggle or at least doesn't give up easily.

I take 400mg daily the doctor said to take it twice a day but if it makes me too drowsy to do it just at night.

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Howdy all, I have bipolar disorder (who doesn't) and currently take 1200 mg of lithium, divided into two equal doses, am and pm. It used to be somewhat well-controlled by taking 60 mg of propranolol at night.

But, about two years ago, I developed debilitating vertigo.

As for the seroquel, I'd just say that anything you take to help you sleep can become a habit, and this drug is much in the news these days for being used in ways it has not been studied for. So I don't know if it's a problem, but the manufacturer is in deep doo doo right now over it. Hi Your doctor is right and seroquel is a Godsend as you said.

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