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California Institute of Technology also received a 0,000 grant for its Cleantech 2 Edtech program.

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Since that time, Bruce has been active as both an investor and advisor in early stage companies in the technology and hospitality sectors, continuing to expand the reach of his entrepreneurial successes.

[Livby] Wevr Wevr, the Venice-based virtual reality content creation community is stepping up its game with the announcement of a yearly subscription service.

Transport, as it will be known, will cost users a year.

What is going on, how fast, who is being impacted, and what can today’s businesses do to adapt to an environment where nothing seems to stay the same.

Learn more about how our celebrity personalities can be utilized for a wide variety of your initiatives—including sponsorships, endorsements, spokesperson campaigns, product launches, and personal appearances. This is all just another day at the office for Arisa Cox, host of the wildly popular program, Big Brother Canada. Andrew Coyne delivers insightful, provocative commentary on political and economic issues to Canadians across the country.

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